Lost American plays indie rock/electronic music; somehow we all ended up in Barcelona. 


Let’s Stay Outside


Let’s Stay Outside is on Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and many other digital services.




Lost American 1

Our first record, Lost American, is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, and iTunes!

We also have it in vinyl! Message us via the contact form to order.

Design: Adolf Rodriguez

Design: Adolf Rodriguez





Influenced by Velvet Underground, Motown, and post-punk, Lost American is a project created by Chris Kelley, who is an American singer/musician living in Barcelona, Spain. Kelley started making music when he was three, playing along with a Temptations record on his toy piano. After studying classical piano as a boy, he shifted to drums and guitar just as the post punk era was ramping up. He fronted the band Chapel of Roses when he was 18 in his hometown Nashville, Tennessee and toured across the Southern US with the band. After releasing a 12" vinyl record, the band broke up. For a while he had a band called Saint Christopher in Los Angeles. Kelley eventually finished university, became a programmer, got a job, traveled a lot. He kept making music all the while, and when he landed in Barcelona, he finished his first record as Lost American in 2016. He is currently finishing up the second Lost American record with his bandmates Shorn Keld of Orto Grut (keyboards) and Simon Mille (drums).




More videos are in the Video Archive.

Chris TV


vlog and podcast

Chris TV is the (more of less) weekly vlog/podcast by Lost American’s singer Chris E. Kelley.


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